Chivalry 2 Official Korea 64 Team Server Map Rotation

Seoul – 64-player Mixed Modes

TOGalencourtExplode ShipsDestroy RelicsDesecrate King’s Tomb
TORudhelm SiegePush Siege TowersArson the TentsKill Mason Heir
TDMCourtyardCourtyardBegin as Unarmed nobles
TODarkforestPush the ConvoyArson BarricadesKill Agatha Duke
TOBaudwyn (Bulwark)Destroy Siege WeaponsDestroy Thick Desert Wall using Cannons
TDMTournament GroundsTournament GroundsA Trap that Spins when Getting Hit
TOCoxwellArson the VillageSteal the GoldEliminate Agatha Soldiers
TOLionspirePush Battering RamsCapture the Town SquareDestroy the Trebuchets
TDMFrozen WreckBlizzardDestroyable Ice Floors
TOMontcruxDesert FortressExplode Thick Fortress Walls
TOBridgetownArson the FarmDestroy the MarketplaceThrow Nobles to Death
TOThayic (Stronghold)BlizzardDestroy Castle Wall using CatapultsEscort Agatha King Argon II
TOFalmireRescue HostagesCapture the BridgeEscort Agatha Champion
TDMWardengladeGrassFogThe Sound of Rain
TOAskandir (Library)Explode the LighthouseDestroy RelicsArson the Library
TOAberfell (Raid)Steal Pigs/PeasantsDestroy MonolithsKill Druids
TDMFighting PitArenaFire TrapsSpike Hole at the Center

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