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HordePlusLite – Server Only Mod for Mordhau (Discontinued)

A simple Server only Mod that gives Casual Vanilla Horde experience.
This is designed for my Chinese friend Cabbageman3, his server and his group people.
Since is restricted from China to connect, Chinese cannot join servers with properly subscribed mods.
If you are also in the same condition, or just want to preserve your horde server as vanilla server, feel free to adopt this mod.
What the server owner needs to do is set up the mod manually and load the actor.
Thereby, clients do not have to download any but enjoy the mod features.


1. Manually download the zip compressed Mod.

2. Extract it and put HordePlusLite.pak to the server directory.

For Linux : Mordhau/Content/Paks
For Windows : Mordhau\Content\Paks

3. Open Game.ini

For Linux: Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini
For Windows: Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini

4. Add a line 




Supported Maps

  • HRD_Camp
  • HRD_Castello
  • HRD_Feitoria
  • HRD_Grad
  • HRD_MountainPeak
  • HRD_Taiga
  • HRD_Crossroads


  • 50% more wave completion coin reward
  • Shield holding bots take 100% more damage
  • Ninja dies in a single hit
  • Removed firepot from Yeet
  • Players have some perks
    • Dodge
    • Flesh Wound
    • Cat
    • Half Bloodlust (Recover 50 HP on kill)
    • Half Fury (Recover 50 stamina on kill)
  • Added following weapons to the random chests
    • Lute
    • Jug
    • Stool
    • Carrot
    • Ancient Falx
    • Ogre Club
    • Seymour’s Longsword
    • Great War Axe
  • Removed turd from the random chests
  • Slash attack with brunt Iron/Steel weapons deal chip damage on blocked
    • Longsword Alt
    • Rusty Longsword Alt
    • Estoc Alt
    • Heavy Hand Axe Alt
    • Pole Axe Alt
    • Blacksmith Hammer
    • Frying Fan
    • Sledgehammer
  • Decreased respawn delay time of the random chests (5 secs -> 3 secs)
  • Added bonus depends on kills.
    • More than 50 kills, gets 5% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 100 kills, gets triple jump ability.
    • More than 150 kills, gets 10% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 200 kills, heals 5 stamina/sec healing.
    • More than 250 kills, gets 15% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 300 kills, heals 3 hp/sec.
    • More than 350 kills, gets 20% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 400 kills, becomes unflinchable.