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Horde Plus Gamemode Mod (Discontinued)

I was writing this when the mod was still active.

Horde Plus Gamemode is based on Mordhau Vanilla Horde Gamemode but has Modified/New Elements. Previously, I used to make Sumerian Horde Gamemode. But the structure was very dirty because it was my early modding experiment. I wanted to start from scratch.

This mod is aiming for three things. Stability, Minimal Filesize and My Personal Appetite.

Stability. I’ve added features that just work as intended. (This means that some of my ideas were not able to be with the mod after the tests.) You may face some glitches like chest gambled items are being eaten by the earth, enemies stuck at certain points and more… They are all transplanted from Vanilla Horde. But I have tried to fix bugs like stuck points.

Minimal Filesize. My own server has somehow an extremely slow mod download speed when it is launched. It is quite an annoying task to manually download large mods with frequent updates. I therefore began to use only vanilla resources to have a very small file size. Downloading entine Horde Plus Gamemode Mod takes less than 512 KB.

My Personal Appetite. As a fellow normal Mordhau player, I wanted to modify some assets and add features to Vanilla Horde Gamemode. Also wanted to bring some features from my favorite games like ‘Classic Diablo II’ and ‘Elder Scrolls Series’.

Modified/New Systems

  • Players have some perks from the beginning.
    • Fireproof : Reduces incoming fire damage.
    • Flesh Wound : If you die to something other than a headshot or environmental damage, you stay alive for another 5 seconds.
  • Disabled kicking AFK players. You can check your boiling pot or empty your stomach without being kicked.
  • Every blunt Iron/Steel weapons deal chip damage on blocked when perform a swing attack.
  • Adjusted Wave clear reward gold amount
  • Adjusted Armor Costs, Random Chests Items
  • Shielded Enemies receive more damages.
  • Yeets and Ninjas will be killed with a single hit.
  • Modified Bosses
  • Added Custom Bosses, Minions
  • Some bosses will drop their Unique weapons(◎) on death.
  • Purchasable ranged weapons ammos are removed.
  • Ranged weapons ammo will be automatically replenished over time.
  • Added Ranged Mastery (Bows/Crossbows/ThrowingKnives/ThrowingAxes)
    • ‘Ranged Kills’ will be increased by killing enemies with ranged weapons.
    • Ranged weapons have {Its Original Damage + (0.3 * ‘Ranged Kills’)}.
    • Replenishment rate of ranged weapons ammo will be slightly faster depends on ‘Ranged Kills’.
    • Shooting/Throwing process will be slightly shortened depends on ‘Ranged Kills’.
    • Killing with ranged weapons will heal the players with above certain amount of ‘Ranged Kills’. (5HP with 50 >= ‘Ranged Kills’, 10HP with 100>= ‘Ranged Kills’)
    • Dealing damage with ranged weapons will heal the players with above certain amount of ‘Ranged Kills’. (5HP with 200 >= ‘Ranged Kills’)
  • New Small Maps (Melee Weapons from Random Chests Only)
    • Contraband
    • The Pit
    • Tourney
  • Purchasable Perks (Lesser Bloodlust, Rush, Fury, Dodge, Unflinchable, Tank)
    • Lesser Bloodlust : Increases heal amount upon killing an enemy with melee weapons.
    • Rush : Movement will be faster and Instantly begin sprinting upon killing an enemy.
    • Fury : Fully restores stamina on kill.
    • Dodge : Jumping while moving backwards or sideways will perform a quick dodging motion rather than a regular jump.
    • Unflinchable : Attacks won’t be canceled by getting hit.
    • Tank : Increases player’s size little bit, reduces damage taken from melee and ranged weapons.
  • Superior(○)/Rare(●) Weapons are added to random chests.
    • Superior(○) Weapons : Deals 30% more damage done. Additionally appends bonus damage depends on original weapon damage.
    • Rare(●) Weapons : Deals 80% more damage done. Added 30% chip damage on blocked is added on attack. Additionally appends bonus damage depends on original weapon damage.
  • Nightmare/Hell difficulties beyond 21th wave. (22-28/29-31)
    • Nightmare difficulty : Total 7 waves. Each wave is a summary of 3 waves from Normal difficulty. Minions carry Superior(○) weapons. All enemies will take less damage from players.
    • Hell difficulty : Total 3 waves. Each wave is a summary of 7 waves from Normal difficulty. Bosses & Minions carry Rare(●) weapons. All enemies will take much less damage from players.


Rusty Arming SwordAncient Arming SwordDaedric Shortsword
Broken Arming SwordBroken Ancient Arming SwordSeven-Branched Sword Hilt
Rusty LongswordAncient LongswordDaedric Longsword
Broken LongswordBroken Ancient LongswordNarsil
Carving KnifeButter KnifeMihawk’s NecklaceSumerian Butter Knife
Frying PanChef’s PanHoradric Pan
Training SwordCoaching SwordDimensional SwordSumerian Sword
PitchforkEnt HandEarth Shaker
Wooden ShovelEnt SpoonValhalla Oar
Rusty ShovelBlade ShovelEfficiency V Shovel
Heavy BranchCudgelMoon Tenderizer
PickaxeCrowbillPompeii’s Wrath
ScytheGrim ScytheSoul Harvest
SickleHomiDaedric Crescent
HoeMattockSkull Splitter
Rusty ForkStygian PikeFork of Horripilation
RakeWooden SpikesEarth Shifter
Wooden MalletWoodenstoneImperial Legion Seal
SledgehammerBonesnapThe Cranium Basher
Short SwordRondelSpectral Shard
Arming SwordGladiusDjinn Falcata
Executioner’s SwordChamsu BladeSwordguardGuillotine Sword
PolehammerBec De CorbinHusoldal Evo
GreatswordEspandonSoul Flayer
ZweihanderFlambergeThe Grandfather
Bastard SwordGothic SwordUmbra
Pole AxeGreat Pole AxeTrulla Apocalypsi
Heavy HandaxeHand Pole AxeLegendary War Mallet
EveningstarHeavy AspergillumCaduceusNoonstar
Blacksmith HammerIronstoneSunder
RapierKrisSpada da lato
BardicheLochaber AxeNerveshatter
LongswordRune SwordHonorblade of Chorrol
MesserMangnani BladeMagebane
MaulMartel de FerGavel of PainGreat Maul
MaceMorning StarMoonfall
War AxeNagaThe Chieftain
EstocOakeshott Types XVKoncerz
LuteOudGalápagos LyreAtavachron
WarhammerPineapple ClubSeraph Rod
FalxSicaRhomphaiaBloodthirst Falx
Short SpearSimbilanHarpoon
CleaverSmall CrescentGull
QuarterstaffStalagmiteOndal’s WisdomGandalf Staff
Battle AxeTabarPierre Tombale CouantRhythm Axe
FalchionTulwarAli Baba BladeDwarf Galaxy
ClubWar ClubGnomestickOgre Club
CarrotRadishAncient Red GinsengSumerian Carrot
Beer JugKrügeDas Boot
LongbowSumerian Bow

HordePlusLite – Server Only Mod for Mordhau (Discontinued)

A simple Server only Mod that gives Casual Vanilla Horde experience.
This is designed for my Chinese friend Cabbageman3, his server and his group people.
Since mod.io is restricted from China to connect, Chinese cannot join servers with properly subscribed mods.
If you are also in the same condition, or just want to preserve your horde server as vanilla server, feel free to adopt this mod.
What the server owner needs to do is set up the mod manually and load the actor.
Thereby, clients do not have to download any but enjoy the mod features.


1. Manually download the zip compressed Mod.

2. Extract it and put HordePlusLite.pak to the server directory.

For Linux : Mordhau/Content/Paks
For Windows : Mordhau\Content\Paks

3. Open Game.ini

For Linux: Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini
For Windows: Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini

4. Add a line 




Supported Maps

  • HRD_Camp
  • HRD_Castello
  • HRD_Feitoria
  • HRD_Grad
  • HRD_MountainPeak
  • HRD_Taiga
  • HRD_Crossroads


  • 50% more wave completion coin reward
  • Shield holding bots take 100% more damage
  • Ninja dies in a single hit
  • Removed firepot from Yeet
  • Players have some perks
    • Dodge
    • Flesh Wound
    • Cat
    • Half Bloodlust (Recover 50 HP on kill)
    • Half Fury (Recover 50 stamina on kill)
  • Added following weapons to the random chests
    • Lute
    • Jug
    • Stool
    • Carrot
    • Ancient Falx
    • Ogre Club
    • Seymour’s Longsword
    • Great War Axe
  • Removed turd from the random chests
  • Slash attack with brunt Iron/Steel weapons deal chip damage on blocked
    • Longsword Alt
    • Rusty Longsword Alt
    • Estoc Alt
    • Heavy Hand Axe Alt
    • Pole Axe Alt
    • Blacksmith Hammer
    • Frying Fan
    • Sledgehammer
  • Decreased respawn delay time of the random chests (5 secs -> 3 secs)
  • Added bonus depends on kills.
    • More than 50 kills, gets 5% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 100 kills, gets triple jump ability.
    • More than 150 kills, gets 10% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 200 kills, heals 5 stamina/sec healing.
    • More than 250 kills, gets 15% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 300 kills, heals 3 hp/sec.
    • More than 350 kills, gets 20% walks peed bonus.
    • More than 400 kills, becomes unflinchable.